Call us for the shoes you need

Suomen Mittajalkine / The Bespoke Shoes Finland can help you with a huge variety of possibilities

We can and do make anything from fishleather pumps to water-resistant orthopedic icefishing boots.
Call us for the shoes you need
We are here to craft you the bespoke shoes you need. Wether you are a popstar, in need of shining like the star you are, an 80 year old senior with a bad hip and slippery yard, or a shoegazer, who appreciates classical style and hand made quality – we deliver. We love to listen to your story, your particular need, and then create what you need. Always handmade, always fair and reliable.
We always work to accomplish four things:

  • Beauty
  • Sustainability
  • Comfort
  • Functionality

We make proper shoes, the way they are supposed to be made. With good materials and good methods we can build a future where we consume less, but high quality.

First we will take your measures and examine your feet and posture. Then we shall discuss the style, select the leather and I’ll draw you a sketch. If you say go, we’ll make the last per your feet and do a mock up shoe, with which we can determine if the last and the pattern is ok for you. Then we’ll make the actual shoes and you pay once you get them and you approve. In some cases we might demand an advance payment.
We do not accept cash or credit cards, only a bank transfer.
Our workshop is located in Antinniityntie 7, Jyväskylä, Finland.
Always call or email for an appointment – otherwise the door is locked.
gms: +358 40 570 4411 email:
We also make home visits and charge expenses.